Uncommon Coffee Roasters “Cold Brew for Coffee Lovers” [Press Release]

Uncommon Coffee Roasters, a Saugatuck, Michigan based wholesale coffee roaster and cafe operator, has partnered with Guernsey Farms Dairy of Northville, Michigan to create a line of dairy style cold brew coffees.

Saugatuck, May 31, 2016 – Uncommon Coffee Roasters(UCR) has been brewing Cold Brew Coffee for more than 10 years. Instead of pouring hot brewed coffee over ice as many people used to do, Cold Brew Coffee is brewed cold. This brew method uses time (sometimes up to 24 hours) and cold water, rather than heat to extract the coffee’s sugars, oils and caffeine and produces a smooth, less bitter and more refreshing cup. Over the next two years both the drink and production evolved, going from a weekly batch for the café to a number of batches being brewed and bottled daily at the UCR roasting facility.

As the demand and production of UCR’s Cold Brew Coffee grew, so did the popularity of similar drinks. The market gained hundreds ready-to-drink(RTD) coffee based drinks. Many of them over sweetened and filled with artificial ingredients. At this time, UCR saw a need for a healthier and better tasting RTD cold brew coffee option for people who truly love coffee.

In mid-2015, UCR set out to find a local dairy supplier who shared their love for delicious taste, quality products and excellent customer service. This is when UCR met Guernsey Farms Dairy(GFD), a Michigan based, family owned company with over 75 years of dairy expertise. GFD’s knowledge paired with UCR’s 22 years of specialty coffee experience go together like, well, coffee and milk.

In the Spring of 2016, UCR and GFD introduced 3 Cold Brew Coffee products; Cold Brew Coffee Straight*, a smooth-bodied drink with notes of roasted walnut, caramel and creamy chocolate; Cold Brew Coffee with Half & Half is creamy, sweet, and caffeinated; Cold Brew Coffee with Chocolate Milk is infused with Guernsey Farms Dairy’s award-winning chocolate milk.

All 3 flavors have been met with positive feedback from UCR and GFD fans. Reviews have been pouring in, with a surprisingly overwhelmingly amazing response for the Straight* coffee. GFD sold through their first run so fast that UCR had to more than triple production of the Cold Brew Coffee in the first 3 weeks. Jason from ThirstyDudes.com says “This is the smoothest coffee I have ever tasted, not to mention the best tasting. I have always loved the way that ground coffee beans smell, and this is the first time I’ve ever tasted it brewed where the flavor matched that smell.”


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