The first of its kind. Uncommon Coffee Roasters’ Single Serve Coffee Cups are 100% Compostable. Made with compostable materials, the entire single serve coffee cup, inside and out, will decompose within 90 days of proper disposal.

Since 1994 Uncommon Coffee Roasters has been dedicated to bringing you the finest coffee from the best farmers around the world. We roast our coffee in small batches to ensure the highest quality coffee and richest flavors.

Our fresh roasted coffee is ground to perfection and packed into 100% Compostable single serve coffee cups.* These cups are not only better for the environment but better for the coffee as well, delivering the best tasting cup possible. Our single serve coffee cups consistently brew a fresh and earth friendly cup that every coffee lover will enjoy. Sealed in a compostable wrapper and packed in a recyclable box, our sustainable packaging protects your coffee while protecting our environment.

Why Compostable?

First and foremost, we care about providing our customers with high quality coffee. Second, we saw a need for an environmentally friendly option that fulfilled our customers needs for convenience as well. The Compostable UpShot single-serve capsule encompasses all of the above. It’s landfill free, sustainable and leaves a positive footprint on the environment all while brewing a flavorful cup of coffee that you deserve.

Compostable UpShot Innovation

compostable-forwebThe Compostable UpShot brews an incomparable cup of coffee. Not only does the capsule hold more coffee than standard K-Cups, but the design encourages a higher water to coffee ratio, preserving flavor notes and giving you an extraction like no other single-serve cup available. The average TDS ratings of the compostable UpShot measure 25% higher than your standard K-cup. The compostable UpShot meets all ASTM standards of composability, but most importantly, goes beyond our standards for an incredible cup of Uncommon Coffee.

Made out of a Bamboo Resin and corn-based PLA material, the compostable capsule and lidding film can withstand the pressure and heat of your single-serve brewer, but still compost down to natural matter at your local Commercial Composting Facility within 90 days.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Our retail package is 100% recyclable. Inside, you will find a compostable protective pouch containing 10 single serve coffee cups.  From coffee to box, our cups make for an amazingly sustainable, convenient and guilt-free single serve coffee.


Our Compostable Single Serve Coffee Cups are available in House Blend and Water Processed Decaf. If you are interested in distributing or wholesaling this one-of-a-kind cup, please visit our wholesale inquiry page and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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Commercial composting may not be available in your area, to locate a commercial composting facility near you, visit

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