San Alfonso

State: Veracruz

Municipality: Coatepec

Altitude: 1200 masl

Variety: Bourbon, Garnica

Process: washed

Fermentation: concrete tanks, dry

Drying Method: mechanical dryer

This coffee comes to us from APG coffee in the Coatepec microregion of Veracruz, run by Ernesto Perez. A younger farmer taking over the family farm and mill, Ernesto worked to help move his community production into high quality specialty, tweak processing, focus on micro-lots, and help those around him make a little more money on their work. Last year, he decided to expand his own wet mill into APG Coffee, a micro wet mill that other smaller farmers in Coatepec could use. APG also offers agronomic consulting for other farmers to help rebuild soils, increase quality, and overall help the community of Coatepec do their best work and make as much money as possible. San Alfonso is a great example of not just the work that goes into these coffees, but also the unique microclimate – one in which the high latitude acts similarly to high elevation, creating long, cool nights and slow, deliberate cherry maturation.