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Zalmari Honey comes from the Zalmari Estate in the Orosi Valley of Costa Rica. The estate is run by fourth generation Cecilia (Ceci) Genis and her mother, Marigold Murray. The estate was the first to obtain the Women Care Certification, a new certification designed to improve the sustainable lifestyle for women involved in the cultivation, processing, trading, and exporting of coffee.

This special coffee, grown in the same region as our Zalmari Estate, is processed using a method called “Honey Process” or sometimes referred to as “Pulped Natural.” While the name contains the word “honey” there is no actual honey involved. The “honey” refers to a sticky substance called mucilage which remains on the coffee bean after it has been de-pulped. After it has been de-pulped it is dried immediately on raised beds. As the coffee is drying, the mucilage on the bean oxidizes transforming it from a golden yellow color to a darker color.

Tasting notes: peach, honey and grape.

Elevation: 1250 masl

Varieties: Caturra

Region: Cachi, Orosi Valley, Costa Rica

Process: Honey Process

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