Wake Up To Love Blend

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As a ‘thank you’ we are offering one of our tastiest blends and best of all, it’s affordable. We realized that coffee shouldn’t be expensive, especially during these crazy times. So, we carefully combined three single origin coffees to produce a balanced blend that is both smooth and robust. The perfect cup to get you through any day. We could have named this coffee using the words “quarantine” or “stay home” or something of that nature. Instead we took the advice of our friend Ray and named it something simple. Wake Up To Love. Despite these difficult times it’s important to remember that kindness is key. It’s what is going to help us overcome the difficulties we’re faced with. Love begins with kindness and after that love can take on anything. -Uncommon ❤️

Roast Level: Medium Roast

Cupping Notes: well balanced, smooth body

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