Villa Sarchi

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This high-altitude coffee is graced by the gentle weather of the Central Valley coffee zone. Local farmers care for the land and a diversity of crops surrounding Sircof. Many of these farms border protected forest areas, providing a positive co-existence between sustainable farming and a prospering environment. Sircof specialty coffee starts with a careful collection of the ripe Arabica beans, immediately processed in the artisan wet mill right on their farm.


Seeing the need to process coffee at a larger volume due to their success, farmers Marcos and Maricela Oviedo decided to build a micro mill. With more control of the processing and production chain, they were able to increase the yield and quality of their coffee. In addition, because of the addition of a mill, Marcos found a way to improve cupping scores.


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Producers: Marco Ovideo & Maricela Oviedo
Location: Calle Rodriguez, Grecia, Costa Rica
Size:  20 Hectares
Altitude: 1350 Masl


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Whole Bean, Coarse, Drip, Auto-Drip, Fine(Cone), Ground for Espresso


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