San Alfonso

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We are proud to introduce this special coffee by Veracruz-based producer, wet mill manager and community leader Ernesto Perez.  Ernesto is a third generation coffee producer in the Coatepec municipality of Veracruz, Mexico.  His great grandfather, Antonio Perez Galva  started the family legacy in coffee when he moved from Spain to the Veracruz in the 1800’s.

Veracruz is one of the highest latitudes where coffee is produced. The weather and the micro-climate create a flavor that’s unique to Coatepec. With this special limited release, expect delicious flavor notes of  dried apricot, malt chocolate and hazelnut.

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“I reached out to several importers and got many samples before choosing the San Alfonso. It was one of my favorites that I tried, and the background of the coffee was also very intriguing. The person who runs the processing plant, Ernesto, works with local communities in Veracruz to teach them how to grow coffee that is more desirable, and then helps them receive a better price, allowing them to reinvest in their community and the coffee. San Alfonso is a group of farmers from one of these communities.

When tasting this coffee, it initially exhibits a strong sweetness in the form of the malt chocolate and hazelnut flavors. As it cools, the acidity starts to shine with a fruitiness similar to dried apricots. I’ve been liking it as a pourover, but you’ll probably get some other interesting flavors and attributes from other methods, so I encourage everyone to experiment with this complex coffee if they have the chance.” -Alex, Head Roaster

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