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Each 12oz bag of custom blended coffee is hand-blended to order.

Why do we blend coffee? To create unique, delicious, and balanced flavor profiles that may not be captured in the terrior of a single-origin coffee.

Occasionally, trial and error can create tasty blends, but there is more method to our madness than trial and error. In our opinion, balance is the structure of any well planned blend. This means we want to unify flavor profile while equalizing the body and acidity. This could mean using two similar coffees to enhance flavor. Or, controversially, it could mean combining two coffees that fill in the gaps of another. Whichever flavor profile is your bliss, it should be created to fill a balanced and uniformed cup. Go ahead! Give us your best shot!
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  • We recommend avoiding ‘extremes’. For example, combining two widely complex coffees may hinder clarity. Combining a delicately floral coffee with a rich dark roast may just taste like a dark roast.
  • Density matters. Lightly roasted coffee is denser, therefore, brews a little bit slower. Combining low and high density coffees may restrict your ability to brew a balanced coffee.
  • Look for traits that your favorite coffee lacks. This way, you can pick a coffee to make up for that trait. Go ahead and take a peak at our taste notes for detailed descriptions. Often, a coffee that is simple and tasty is used as the back bone, while the complex coffees accent the blend.

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