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Roast: Dark

Flavor Notes: chocolate and nutty

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Low

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Region: Cerrado Region, Southeastern Brazil: Minas Gerias Estate

Process: Natural

Drying: Sun dried on patios

Altitude: 200 – 800 meters above sea level

Harvest: April – September

The Brazil Cerrado is located in the Cerrado Region.  This region is located in the southeastern part of Brazil known as the Minas Gerias Estate.  Consistent rains and high daytime temperature and dry winters make it ideal for coffee growing.  This region has a rich deep soil known to the natives as “Terra Roxa” (Rich Dirt).  The natural method is used to process the beans.  The beans are then sun dried on patios for 2 to 3 weeks weather permitting.  The Cerrado is grown at an altitude of 200 to 800 meters above sea level.  The beans are harvested from April through September.  The Cerrado is shipped year round all over the world.  The Cerrado bean is a big, bold bean sometimes varying in color from light green to dark green.  When cupped it is nutty in flavor and has chocolate tones to it.

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