10 ct. 100% Biodegradable single serve coffee cups

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Now offering 100% Biodegradable single serve coffee cups! Available exclusively at Uncommon Coffee Roasters. 10 of our 2.0 compatible cups are packaged and sealed in a 100% recyclable box. They are landfill free, sustainable and leave a positive footprint on the environment all while brewing a rich, flavorful cup of Uncommon coffee that you deserve.

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Our fresh roasted coffee is ground to perfection and packed into 100% Biodegradable single serve coffee cups.* These cups are not only better for the environment but better for the coffee as well, delivering the best tasting cup possible. Our single serve coffee cups consistently brew a fresh and earth friendly cup that every coffee lover will enjoy. Sealed in a biodegradable wrapper and packed in a recyclable box, our sustainable packaging protects your coffee while protecting our environment.


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