Our Farmers

Direct Trade Partnerships


Since 1994, relationship has been at the core of everything we do at Uncommon Coffee Roasters. From our customers to our coffee producers, and everybody in between, we make it our priority to build strong, sustainable partnerships.

Owners Bruno Nobre and Mauricio DaSilva have worked closely with coffee producers to better understand their products, sourcing green coffee globally and traveling to the origin whenever possible. Both Bruno and Mauricio come from a family of multi-generational coffee farmers in Brazil. They started working on their families’ farms at a young age. Mauricio loved helping his father on the coffee farm:

“Each day after school, my brothers and I would go straight to the coffee farm to help my parents. Working together taught me how important it is to be part of a community while also looking out for the welfare of everyone involved.”

Owner Mauricio Da Silva and his father Antonio Sergio Da Silva in Brazil.
Bruno Nobre and his father Jose Passeo Nobre in Brazil.
Joe Passeo, Bruno’s father, drying coffee cherries.