Finca El Greco

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Poas volcano, Rodrigo Oviedo and his family care for their farm, El Greco. The farm is located in San Isidro, Grecia, Costa Rica and has been in the Oviedo family for over 50 years.

Education and family have been the cornerstones for producer, Rodrigo Oviedo, a third generation coffee grower. The rich soil at the foothills of the volcano combined with years of experience make the varieties of coffee from the farm a real treat to all coffee lovers. Armed with better education, Rodrigo and his family work hard to establish a more sustainable business model for their family coffee. Good varieties of coffee processed with care, traceability and quality in mind will result in a better cup and more successful future for the producer and his family.

  • Guy with Marco and his daughter at Finca El Greco
  • Guy inspecting the unpicked coffee cherries
  • Rodrigo and Marco Oviedo check in on their honey processed coffee beans
  • Guy with Rodrigo and Marco


Finca El Greco is one of five farms that make up Farmers Project, a program created to help local farmers in Costa Rica. The project helps them sell their coffee for a fair price to support their workers, their farms, and their families. Farmers Project was founded by Jonathan Jost and Marianella Baez Jost of Café Con Amor. In 2017, UCR president, Guy Darienzo, visited Costa Rica to meet with the founders and farmers involved.

Guy greatly enjoyed his time on the farm with the Oviedo family. He said “On every origin trip, you hope to find a gem, a coffee that stands out from the rest. It doesn’t always happen, but San Roque delivered.”

There is something about knowing exactly where the motivation in your mug comes from. We hope that you will enjoy these offerings as much as we do.