Grounds-to-Ground Initiative

In April of 2016, we launched our RTD Cold Brew Coffee line. To make large batches of Cold Brew Coffee concentrate, UCR President, Guy Darienzo, worked with local brewing system manufacturer, Psycho Brew, to develop a proprietary tank to brew large amounts of cold brewed coffee.

Each batch of cold brew concentrate made in this tank produces about 1000 pounds of exhausted coffee grounds. For lack of a better option, we disposed of most of our grounds by sending them off with the rest of our waste, with a small amount being used in our garden at our café. Searching for a more sustainable option and a more earth-friendly use for our grounds, we were introduced to Harold Houser. Harold owns Houser Enterprises and Tiller Willy’s Worm Farm in Sturgis, Michigan.




Houser Enterprises does many things, including earthworm farming, creation of healthy food growing mediums and chemical-free gardening. Harold met with our operations manager, Nita, and together they formed a unique partnership to help Uncommon Coffee Roasters, Houser Enterprises, and most importantly, our environment.  As coffee grounds decompose, they release nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals that support plant growth. Harold uses this to his advantage when creating his chemical-free growing medium.

Since the beginning of 2017, we have donated nearly 12 TONS of exhausted coffee grounds to be repurposed at Houser Enterprises. That’s 24,000 pounds of coffee grounds that were diverted from our landfills! In Summer of 2017, we visited Harold’s farm.

To purchase some of Harold’s healthy food growing medium, contact him at Tiller Willy’s Worm Farm, 269-251-2578,