Brew It Yourself

What you’ll need:

Recipe yields: 10 oz of cold coffee served over ice *Recipe may be adjusted to scale


Step 1) Weigh out 22 grams of the coffee of your choice. *We prefer a stronger coffee for our cold brew, but feel free to use 18.5 – 22 grams of coffee. The more coffee you use, the more difficult it is to extract the coffee properly. Adjust grind size accordingly.

Step 2) Grind the coffee quite fine. It should look like powder to the eye, but still have some grit to the touch (coarser than espresso).





Step 3) Place the paper filter in the V60 and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to discard the rinse water.

Step 4) In your decanter, weigh out 100 grams of ice. But, be flexible! The exact weight for ice is tough to control, so if it is under or over, adjust your brew water weight so that the combined weight of ice and water equals 300 grams.

Step 5) Place the V60 on your decanter of ice and place the ground coffee in the brewer. Remember, your will want to brew on a scale for precision!


cbb_pourover05Step 6) Using hot water (about 30 seconds off the boil), pour 25 grams of water over the coffee, then stir back and forth three times to saturate the grounds. Let stand for 30 seconds.


Step 7) Add the rest of the water in 25 gram increments until you reach 200 grams of water. The total brew time will vary depending on the density of the coffee, but aim for the ballpark of 3:15 – 3:35.


Step 8) Once the brew has finished, you should have 300g of cold coffee in your decanter. The ice should be nearly melted, and your brew will no longer melt any additional ice added to the cup. Fill your glass with your desired ice volume and pour in your brewed coffee.